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Risk Management

The cris advantage


CRIS possesses the tools to understand the uniqueness of each client-partner with a proprietary tool we call AMMO.  For each client-partner, we develop specific risk & insurance architecture that focuses on our Super Six Key Indicators: (1) effective risk identification and analysis; (2) determining measureable client risk tolerance; (3) use of risk control tools for mitigation; (4) establishing risk transfer goals; (5) providing final risk financing directives; and (6) creating dedicated claim, regulatory and administrative advocacy.

The creation of useable risk and insurance architecture is the centerpiece of our delivery platform. We create pro-active solutions that help you manage risk.


CRIS utilizes its training and discipline to discovery your operational risk and its intuitive nature to discover risk mitigation tools while employing professional strategies to make clear what has been unclear.  Our focus is to provide advantageous solutions and that is what sets CRIS apart from all other agencies, brokerages or consultants.


CRIS is convinced that our client-partners recognize the need for effective and unbiased advice as they seek to handle their operational risks. That advice, given appropriately and effectively, is embedded in the delivery of certainty to our client-partners.  We all operate in a world full of uncertainty and we take pride in bringing a predictable and sustainable practice to the management of your risk.

Our Team


William Cochran Bray

Licensed Risk Manager

Agency Principal

All Central Insurance Locations

Bill leads the team and provides personalized risk management service to support managing your unique risk.


Brent Richter

Licensed Risk Manager

Client Services Manager

All Central Insurance Locations

Brent serves all Central Insurance locations. He will help lead our client services team to provide quick and detailed service to meet your daily policy needs. (ID Cards, Certificates of Insurance, Policy Endorsements etc.)